Know Your Rights

One of the most important things that we want our customers to know their rights when going through the repair process after an accident.

1) You have the right to choose what automotive repair shop that you use. 

2) The insurance company is not allowed to pressure you to use a specific automotive repair shop, this is illegal. This is also known as Steering.

3) All parts, labor and materials required to return the car to pre accident condition is paid by your insurance company. If you are at fault for the accident then the deductible listed on your insurance company will be paid by you to Snyder Collision. It is important that you read your insurance company because everything you need to know is listed in the policy.

4) Insurance companies want the car to be repaired as quickly and least expensive as possible. You are able to choose what automotive repair shop you go to. That is why we only hire certified technicians by the auto manufacturers.

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